Menu, Ordering, NTAK, Payment... All in one place!

Increase your restaurant's revenue, simplify administrative tasks, and provide the best ordering experience for your guests.

For Guests

Less queuing, simple to use!

Why stand in line when you can place your order on your phone? Menu, Ordering, Payment... All in one place!

1. Scanning

Scan the QR code on the table or open the link below the QR code in your browser.


2. Ordering

Choose your favorite items from the menu, set the payment and delivery method, and place your order.

Person in restaurant

3. Payment

You can pay for your order through WaitLess with a card, Apple or Google Pay, or you can also pay in person at the restaurant.

credit card

4. Pickup

You can track your order in the app, so you'll be immediately notified when your order is ready.

Screenshot from WaitLess
For Partners

Designed for restaurateurs, loved by guests

WaitLess solves two challenges at once. It saves time for the staff and provides the ultimate experience for guests.

Why is it worth it for me?

  • More efficient staff
  • Automatic NTAK data reporting
  • Statistics, product management
  • Automated receipt and invoice generation
  • Simple and fast setup

Why do guests love it?

  • Ordering without queuing or waiting for a waiter
  • No need to download an app or register
  • Full menu at a click
  • Online card, Apple Pay, Google Pay payments
  • Receipt or invoice via email

You can choose the right plan according to the needs of your restaurant.


4990 HUF / month
Online menu, QR codes, editing and uploading products.


Complete Standard package.
Ordering, payment, and invoicing services, order tracking.
Order placement by guest or waiter.
Tip giving option.
Automatic NTAK data reporting.


Includes the complete Standard and Plus packages.
Statistical reports.
Creating unique coupons and discounts.


Do you need custom services? No problem. Contact us and we will tailor the package content and pricing to your individual needs.

1 month free trial period

For the purpose of testing and getting to know the system, we provide a trial period for our partners choosing any package, during which the first month is free.

Try out our system with two month free trial


Our colleagues are always ready to help with setting up the system, training on its use, and uploading products.

Our customer service can help you in any questions

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Ready to elevate your business operations and enhance customer satisfaction? Schedule a live demo of the Waitless platform and see how our innovative solution can transform your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Using WaitLess

If you can't find the answer to your question, feel free to contact us through any of the contact options listed under the About Us tab, or through the Contact form.

Do I need to download an app to use WaitLess?open

No. You can use WaitLess through your browser, no registration or app installation is required.

Can I order through WaitLess and pay personally to the bartender/waiter?open

Of course.

Is it more expensive for me to order through WaitLess than in person?open

WaitLess does not charge the consumer with an additional convenience fee. Only the price of the products listed by the restaurant, and possibly the service fee / tip paid to the restaurant will appear in the final amount. However, WaitLess cannot guarantee that the restaurant will offer its products at the same price through WaitLess as for personal orders.

I placed my order, paid for it, but for some reason I don't want it anymore. Can I cancel and get my money back?open

In this case, you need to contact the respective restaurant personally. If they accept your complaint, as long as your order has not reached the "READY" state, the amount will be refunded to your card immediately upon any cancellation. If your order is already in the "READY" state and you want to withdraw from the product afterwards, and the restaurant accepts your complaint, in this case, the amount of your cancelled order will be refunded to your card within a maximum of 30 working days.

Can I pay with Google Pay or Apple Pay?open

Yes, with both. WaitLess uses the Barion Payment Gateway, through which Google and Apple Pay are available in addition to regular card payments.

Can I give a tip through WaitLess?open

Yes, you can. You can give tips of 0%, 5%, 10%, and 15%.

Where can I see my previous orders?open

Menu -> Previous Orders section. In the case of orders placed without registration, you will only see the orders placed from the particular device, in the browser you used to place the order. In the case of logging in with Facebook, you will also be able to access your orders placed from other devices, if you were logged in there too.

I don't have a camera on my phone. Can I still use it?open

Under the QR codes displayed at the restaurants, the WaitLess link of the respective location is also listed in text. In case you cannot scan the QR code, opening the link in your browser is equivalent to scanning the QR code.

How does online payment work?open

WaitLess uses the Barion Payment Inc. payment system for online payments, and for generating invoices and receipts.